Get Involved

There are several ways you can assist Fire-PAL. You can arrange to have a representative from your local fire department visit a school, organization or other community group. Life saving information can be passed on to kids and parents from a firefighter or other specialist. Click here for a list of departments and divisions that provide such outreach.

You can donate to the Fire-PAL general fund. Donations are used to purchase needed equipment for the Phoenix Fire Department that would otherwise be delayed in public bidding processes or other red tape. Fire-PAL has successfully acquired new technology for the department, resulting in new equipment getting into the field years before it was scheduled by the city. And, it saved taxpayer funds, enabling the department to conserve funds for other essential purchases. One example was the early release of thermal imaging cameras for rescue within smoke filled buildings. Through Fire-PAL, several imaging units were immediately purchased once the technology was available. The result beat the normal purchasing process by nearly two years.

If you have time, Fire-PAL may be able to put your talents to work. Contact us here.


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