Hot Spot

Hot Spot is one cool canine! He was born sometime in 1992 and was brought to life by Beth Royalty, an illustrator and creator of children’s books.

Some think Hot Spot is a Dalmatian. Others think he’s a hybrid of a Dalmatian and a Chihuahua with a little bit of Shepherd mixed in. Either way, he is big for his breed- life size and quite mobile. His biggest contribution is to reach kids and their parents by reminding them of the dangers of drowning and fire.

Hot Spot LOVES kids and social events. If you’d like to invite him to make an appearance at your event or school, contact Fire-PAL through the Phoenix Fire Department at 602-262-6910.

Appearances are limited and must be arranged in advance.
Fire-PAL requests a fee to defer the cost of the fire department personnel who always accompany Hot Spot to make sure he behaves!


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